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We help U.S. based international students from countries
impacted by war through scholarships, mentorship and
connections to job opportunities 


I Want to Help

I would like to donate or

volunteer to help students

Apply For Help

I am a student or a refugee looking for financial help, internships or advice 


Our Mission

Provide international talent from countries disrupted and troubled by geopolitical crises, wars and natural disasters with opportunities to continue quality education in the US and become leaders, innovators, and guardians of a brighter and more peaceful future.

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There are ~2,000 Ukrainian International Students

(high school, undergrad & graduate) studying in the U.S.

~100,000 Ukrainian Refugees are being given temporary status in the U.S.
Out of them, estimated ~8,000 prospective students who are of high-school / college age.  They will need to be oriented and placed into U.S. schools and colleges


Their lives and educational plans have been disrupted by war...

We can help them get their sense of security back!

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Students in Need Can Receive: 

Our Scholarships: We provide two types of scholarships for students to help with their studies. The first is "Bridge Grant" award which is emergency funding that allows students to cover expenses that school or parents cannot cover. To qualify students need to demonstrate urgent financial need that has been caused by the current crisis. The second is a Merit Based Scholarship that will help to cover a portion of school tuition for qualified students who have demonstrated academic potential and achievement.
We provide mentors who can help: 1) current students to get oriented and networked in their chosen carriers; 2) demystify the US school and university system and application process and help create the best educational path forward for the future students refugees.
Internships / Jobs
We help students network and find paid work or internships. Please signup to get access to those resources.
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Student Resouces

Ways to Help

As a volunteer or donor you can get involved and help make a difference in the lives of students in need.

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Volunteer to help current or future students navigate educational and/or professional landscapes and get to their destination more effectively.  Work directly with a student to feel the impact!

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Offer a summer internship position, a 'gig' (e.g., translation, analysis, research) or an on-going part-time engagement. Every hour of work helps students support themselves!

Donor Get Involed

Our Results to Date

Since our inception in April 2022, our team has been working tirelessly to help identify students in need, understand their needs and match them with opportunities that would enable them to reinstate their security and continue their education. 

We are proud, that with the help of our sponsors and partners, we have been able to help many students and lay the BRIDGE for them into the future they planned for during the difficult time.  We have provided:

Merit Scholarships

granted to the most hard working students who exhibit high potential based on their accomplishments and vision to make the world a better place after their graduation. The scholarship grants ranged from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on merit and need and covered urgent tuition payments for fall 2022 semester.

Emergency Grants

covering emergency educational expenses such as room & board, books, uniform, urgent fees that students could not cover due to disruption of their financial sources.  The grants ranged from $200 to $1,000 depending on the need and urgency.

Mentoring Hours

covering different types of needs and questions – from psychological support, legal support, business networking, educational counseling and just simple friendly conversations to provide personal advice. 


placements made through Bridge4Students connections and those of their partners and sponsors.  Most placements were paid summer 2022 internships, including one summer internship with Bridge4Students

+ Other Help

such as access to unique training resources (Wall Street Prep license, Consulting & Finance Training resources through our partners), other scholarships, facilitating connection with schools and other organizations


From Students We Helped

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Bridge4Students gave us useful contacts and connected
with wonderful people who are ready to help us arrange a new life. It is very pleasant to realize that your fate is not indifferent to other people!

Ukrainian Refugee
with a Daughter, Senior in High School
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How are we structured and how we operate?
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We have very minimum overhead – all of our leadership and core team contribute their time and skills on a completely voluntary basis. The only hires we plan for 2023 are students who are in need of internships.
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How do we connect with students?
We are highlighting Bridge4Students on social media channels designated for Ukrainians seeking assistance. We are spreading the word about our services through universities and also through other educational entities that have broad access to universities. Students complete an initial survey on our website and answer questions that are required for validation and need verification purposes.
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How do we distribute funds / what is the process for granting SCHOLARSHIPS?
We will offer two types of scholarships – the Emergency Bridge Grant that would help students to get by until they find a job. We will also provide Tuition Scholarships to students based on merit. All students receiving funds are validated using a pre-determined criteria (need based and/or merit based). Funds go either to students’ universities or directly to students to cover their Tuition, Room & Board expenses
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What kind of MENTORSHIP services do we provide?
Mentorship services will be slightly different for current international students and future students (children of refugees). Current international students from other countries often do not have a good network to help them navigate complicated career paths. We are working on getting high profile speakers to participate in our Educational series of webinars – students get to network with leaders and ask questions. We will also match them with mentors from various career fields based on their interest and help them position themselves better for those fields. Future students (children of recent refugees) are new to the country and have very vague idea how education works in the US. We will offer matching them to mentors who could navigate them through the educational system in the US and help them navigate and define best path forward. Select candidates will also be matched with mentors to help them with school navigation and applications.
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What kind of JOB matching do we provide?
We are networking with various corporations and are matching students either with summer jobs in their professional fields or with youth summer camp positions – both will help them get paid during the summer
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Can students work legally in the US?
Most current international students are in the US on F1/F2 visa that allows them to work over the summer in internships (CPT = Curricular Practical Training). So any job that they are offered needs to be defined as an internship in their field of study. Most refugees are right now getting their Temporary Protective Status that will allow them to work legally in the United States.
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How many students are we working with?
We are a very new organization. We have successfully matched 80 students and scaling our services right now to help 100 more students in 2023. In 2023 we will mostly target assisting new refugees to land educational opportunities they deserve.

Help us do more

By donating to students or getting involved, you can help make a huge difference in the lives of those in need. Bridge4Students is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, and your gift is tax-deductible.

Platinum Sponsors 

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Gold Sponsors 

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Other Partners and Collaborators

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