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Scholarship Opportunities

Bridge4Students Scholarships

2024 Merit Scholarship -

Now Accepting Applications

Bridge4Students Merit Scholarship will help  qualified Ukrainian students, who are experiencing financial hardships due to war, to cover all or a portion of school tuition expenses for Spring or Summer of 2024. The grant amounts will vary from $200 to $10,000 depending on:

demonstrated need - the amount needed to enable the student to attend the educational program 

merit - academic achievement and potential to make an impact on the world

2024 Merit Scholarship will give priority to qualified refugees - students who have just arrived in US after February 2022, are just starting their programs in US educational institutions, and have received or have applied for other financial assistance but still require funds to study in Summer or Fall of 2024.  

Please review all eligibility requirements in the application below. After you submit, please schedule an interview with a B4S Representative. The final result will be communicated within a month of submission.

Applications for the Fall of 2024 will close on May 28 at 11 p.m. EST, so please be sure to submit them by then. 

Applications for Winter 2024 and Spring 2025 will open in August.

If you have any questions - please email

Emergency Bridge Grant

Emergency funding up to $1,000 allows students to cover urgent expenses (books, fees, room, & board) that school or parents cannot cover due to sudden change in their situations. To qualify, students must demonstrate urgent financial need that has been caused by the current war.  Student should also explain why they are unable to address this need via opportunities currently available to them through their campus or community.

NOTE: This Bridge Grant is provided in emergency situations ONLY and is a one-time only grant.  If you believe you qualify and are in urgent and dire need of assistance - please email and explain your situation. 


If you are a new student and haven't registered with us before - please register below.  We ask all new students to register by filling out this intake form to become part of our roster.  If you have already registered with us - filling out the form again is not necessary.  Email us instead at

Note:  At Bridge4Students we welcome free exchange of ideas, even on emotionally charged issues, in a manner that affirms the positive values of equality, honesty, responsibility, nonviolence, acceptance, fairness, compassion, hard work, and restraint.  We do NOT tolerate any form of hate speech or any form of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, or any other form of violence, hatred, or bigotry in any applications.   
External Funding Opportunities

Private and Foundation Scholarships

A database of scholarships and financial aid opportunities that you might want to consider.

University Funding Programs

for International Students

A list of universities that you can use when choosing a university/college as a guide to potential funding and to connect with students who can share their experiences and insights about opportunities at these universities through our network.

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