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Bridge4Students, together with their partners, have helped

100+ students to stay in the educational paths that they deserve, and they are beyond grateful.   


Meet some of the talented students who have been awarded a 

Bridge4Students Merit Scholarship in 2022 and 2023

Bridge4Students Scholarship Awards recognize students with outstanding academic achievements, community contributions, sound passion, and goals.  These awards enable students to continue their paths despite the difficult circumstances they and their families are facing.  With this help, we hope the students can realize their full potential and make impactful contributions to our world.

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Part of UCLA Computer Science Research Group evolving GPU simulators


University of Chicago

"My ambition to accelerate the process of Ukraine's recovery drove me to pursue a career in Public Policy."

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Arizona State University

“My goal is to ignite a cultural transformation in Ukraine, creating art communities and projects, and opening drama clubs for youth”

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University of Michigan

“As an architect, my main goal is to revive our towns and encourage Ukrainians to return to the places they once called homes..."

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Minerva University

Designed an interactive Python curriculum for young students in South Korea. Now working on career guide in AI and Computer Science targeted at underrepresented individuals.

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University of Notre Dame

“My journey started with a simple question: how can I use my skills to solve global problems?”

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Hult Int. Business School

Came to the United States as a 16-year-old exchange student, working hard to get an education to help rebuild Ukraine. Developing a start-up that helps Ukrainian refugees around the world.

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Georgetown University

The first ever Young European Ambassador from Kherson region. Aims to work for Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and focus on European Integration

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Georgetown University

Ksenia’s contributions were recognized with the United States Department of State’s EducationUSA Award

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Lehigh University

From Crypto Fund Manager to Tech Visionary in the midst of war: “My dream is to make Ukraine a digital paradise.”  

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New York University

Debate Champion, author, producer, and changemaker,  Sofiia is an advocate for breaking negative stereotypes surrounding and building a better future for Ukraine. 


Univeristy of Houston

Achieved a significant scholarly publication in the Chemistry Select Journal. Recently presented some of her research findings at the MALTO conference in Houston


 Vassar College

Passionate to become part of the community of global changemakers
Attending Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong has broadened her horizons and sparked her passion for global issues. Organized local demonstrations to support her home.


Arizona State University

Exceptional scholar (4.0 GPA), Fortune 75 Intern, Dedicated fundraiser (Ukrainian hospitals and army) and change maker amidst war (raising money for hospitals, and organized book donations for children in need.)


New York University

Developer and designer of an anti-disinformation campaign platform, former intern at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Work on the Anti-Disinformation Campaign Platform, Project E

Internship at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (DIlA):


 University of Michigan

“I am planning to return back to Ukraine and use the knowledge I have acquired abroad to implement modern business practices.” Participated in the Olympic Bosporus open-water swimming competition.

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University of Kansas

Future Leaders Exchange(FLEX) alumnus, business and IT enthusiast, activist for Ukrainian freedom. Director of funding in the student government of the KU School of Business and a business senator at the KU Student Senate . 


University of Miami

“I aspire to become a nurse so that I can provide both physical and emotional care to patients.” Joined the team of the 106th American Medical Women's Association Annual Conference. 

... and 30+ more highly talented students who were awarded Bridge4Students Scholarship in 2022 and 2023


Students in Need of Help:   Their Educational Plans have been Shattered

These highly qualified students, who have worked so hard to get to where they are, find themselves at risk of disruption to their educational and career plans. They don't have access to their families, their families have lost their jobs, homes, stability, and are unable to support the students financially or emotionally. The stories are heartbreaking.


Students are Beyond Grateful to Bridge4Students and their Sponsors and Partners for Help

Students who have been working with us have received mentoring, counseling, training, emergency support, connections with job opportunities, and help with urgent tuition / educational expenses that they cannot cover due to disruption of their financial sources. 

The amount of appreciation and gratitude we received is beyond any imagination

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