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Internship and Mentorship Opportunities

Companies we have been working with are eager to open their doors and help Ukrainian students to get the training they need and support themselves.

I Want to Offer a Job

I Need a Job

If you are a company willing to consider a student for a summer internship or part-time 'Work and Study' position - please let us know here:

If you are a student looking for a job or an internship, please review and apply to opportunities below and/or send us an email with your information and resume:

Open Job Opportunities

For all internship questions and applications, email:

Pfizer Refugee Leadership Initiative

Launched in September 2021, Pfizer's Refugee Leadership Initiative (RLI) is committed to supporting the economic inclusion of refugees and other displaced people through hiring, mentoring, and advocating. The Refugee Leadership Initiative works with diversity, equity, and inclusion partners to recruit refugee talent.


RLI encourages you to join our Refugee Talent community so they can understand your background and consider you for future opportunities at Pfizer.


You can also request a mentor as part of the RLI program.  For those interested in HealthCare and working at Pfizer - it's a great way to get your foot in the door!

Opportunities for Early Careers

There are many great reasons to begin a challenging, fulfilling career with Pfizer. For starters, you’ll be helping us make the world a healthier place – as we work towards our vision where everyone has equal access to affordable healthcare.


Programs include:  Breakthrough Fellowship Program, Digital Rotational Program, MBA Summer Associate Program, Medical and Pharmacy Student Opportunities, PGS Rotational Development Program, PGS Summer Development Program, Postdoctoral, R&D Rotational Program, Pfizer Summer Growth Experience.



Do you have Refugee Status? 

Note to students, interested in or applying to the above Pfizer Opportunities:

If you have received or applied for Temporary Protective Status (TPS) - you may qualify to be considered for these opportunities through the Pfizer Refugee Leadership Initiative, which goal is to hire and mentor refugees, whose lives have been upended by forces beyond their control, fleeing their homes for safety.   


If you are a such student (applied or received TPS or asylum) - please apply using the link above, but also please send your resume to indicating which opportunity you have applied to and that you believe you may qualify to be considered under the Pfizer Refugee Leadership Initiative Program.

Note - unfortunately, this does not apply to F1 students with no TPS/refugee status.  F1 students should still apply, but they will be considered in the general pool of candidates.  

Opportunities for Students Looking for a Position or Thesis Advisor (for Advanced Degrees)

The NIH (National Institute of Health) provides opportunities for graduate students to participate in impactful research. The Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) allows students to perform dissertation research at the NIH.  It might serve as a great opportunity to recover research started before or start new research under NIH supervision. 


The NIH Intramural database can help you find a PI (Principal Investigator, lead researcher, or person in charge of a grant project) within the IRP based on your research topic.  You may want to look for a PI first and then register for the Graduate Partnership Program.

Tip from a graduate student who has been using this process:  

"If you want to jump-start the process - go to the database and choose the most recent year for reports and “All ICs” to help broaden the search. 

Then, you can search by keywords and start reading the projects that investigators (PIs) are doing.  Then, you can email the PIs, introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested in their work and would like to research in their group as a graduate student. 

Once you have a PI who is willing to offer you a training position, you can fill out the GPP registration. That will start the paperwork part of the process. "

Summer Positions at Various Youth Camps around the US

Intern(s) (18 or older) would serve as a camp counselor at a camp in New England, New York area, Florida or other areas in the US and engage in sports (tennis, soccer, swim) instruction, arts & crafts instruction, cooking, and/or cleaning.  Most camps offer a summer salary, free housing, free meals in addition to a number of other perks and benefits.  Most contracts are for 8 weeks from mid-June until mid-Aug. 

Bridge4Students works with various networks of camps, including general summer youth camps and specialized youth camps (tennis), so if you are potentially interested in a summer position, please email us with your resume and any special skills (tennis, swim, other sports) that you can bring to the table.   

Summer Associate

Join Bridge4Students team and help us carry out our mission of supporting students whose lives have been disrupted by war or political conflicts.  You’ll be helping us make the world a better place and students to get opportunities they deserve.  Responsibilities may include:  conducting research on select topics, putting together presentations, organizing documents and files, assisting in scholarship application processing, creating media program, updating information on the website, participating in brainstorming sessions on continuous improvement of business model and platform.

Part-time July 20 - August 24:  10-15 hours a week.

Note - currently, this position is filled, but you can still email us and indicate

interest, applicable skills, and why you would like to work with us.  We

may be able to create additional opportunities if there is fit and demand. 

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